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Welcome to CleanSweep    
                 Come on in and stay a while, friends are always welcome.
        So your in a guild that don't want to raid but you do, No you don't have to leave them. As a friend come and raid with us no problem.
         What, you say your hp or mana is to low.well hun that comes with time. In the mean while you will be learning the basics of raiding and getting the gear you need.
         We work with other guilds also taking turns leading raids so we all  can advance.
         Worpath our founder is know for going out of her way to help others and being fair her alts are Axethem/Meadbreak/Gotyou,and Arielnicole.
          The Co-founder  Puviaa alts Puvdarr, Puvia. 
          We are currently or currant target is ritual of terror once done since some are already flagged in upper hot but missing rot we will be moving throw hot to voa.
          Visit cleansweep you are coming to visit a friend when you raid with clean sweep you are family.

          raiding with rip now has us raiding in voa most now t2 so come on out and get the flag for argath while we are still doing 1 time a week

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RiP heads into RoF Content    
Ok now that RoF has been released and RiP has started to raid this content loot rules will be changing. Once RiP wins their first RoF raid the Teir 3 VoA gear will be open for all Joint Raiders in the event. As in the past expansion the rules will be the same as this expansion. Joint raiders will get flags and raid currency for their attendance untill RiP are able to gear up the meat of their raid force. Thank you all for your contibution to these raids.

On another note I heard something about BUG (Bristlebane United Guild) have been raiding VoA content.
this week    
Guild News    

where are you at raid time

axethem, Feb 8, 12 10:58 PM.
ninja looting on raid  will not be tolerated by any means you will be caught gm's will be called in and you will be banned from raids and cleansweep
we seam to be having a problem where at raid time most ar not even showing up we have 3 to 4  and thats it when i ask for a min of 6 to 12 during the week and want to see 45 on week ends allot of you sign up and never show up 1 cant run a raid with 3 it cant be done  time has come to make it or brake it  i have done my part i set the raids i work with rip to get you all raiding now we need to  do it instead of just talking about it at least 1 night a week show up to put forth some effort
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Raiding 101    
comming soon late night raiding  be prepared in the next 2 weeks 

Cleansweep Officers    
Enchanter Officer/leader
ast director of opperations
dragonsmasher (dragonsmasher)
bst officer /ass. raid officer
Guild Leader of eg
guild leader of jpd
warrior officer/raid officer
rip raids officer
      You cannot get dkp if not there, you cant get flags if not there,so when you show and cant get into a zone because you don't have the flag or cant get a drop because you don't have dkp who do you blame ? we have discussed doing rot as a rip raid once we start getting 10 to 12 to show a night, if you are serious about raiding be serious about showing up  and bring your best game let your friend know we are here the more we have the better off we will be

boxing on raids we are filling up  so plz dont bring boxes unless asked also when rip raids are full  cleansweep may be put on sitout also if you have had wornings you will be on the top of the sitout list
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